Eskimo Bars – Best Thing I Ever Ate?

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A few weeks ago, a friend challenged me to make something he had seen on the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.”  The theme of the episode he watched was “Chilled Perfection” and the item he was interested in was something called “Eskimo Bars,” which Giada claimed to have been just out of this world treats.

He described it to me.  Brownies, topped with ice cream, dipped in chocolate, served with hot caramel sauce.  Sounds great right?  He really wanted to try them, but unfortunately, they were only served at a restaurant called the Snake River Grill in Wyoming.  So, he asked, could I make that?  And I guess I’ve become a little arrogant about my cooking because I  responded confidently, “Yes, absolutely, no problem, I could make that.”  Ha. Ha. Ha.

I told him I was going to give it a try for a Memorial Day get together, and he enthusiastically provided me with a link from the show, which I think you’ll agree, makes it seem like these little Eskimo Bars are going to be a snap to make.

Well the joke was on me.

The brownie part was easy – I just baked a thin batch of brownies in a 9×13 pan.   I think it was about an inch thick.

The ice cream part?  That was easy too – I just spread a half gallon of softened vanilla ice cream over the brownies and stuck them in the freezer to harden up.

Cutting them into “piano keys” as described in the video??  Not bad either.  I used a pizza cutter which I warmed up with hot water and it sliced right through.  I was so optimistic at this point.

I mean truly, I was feeling like a pro.  So, I melted the chocolate chips, let them cool, and added a little shortening.  I was ready to start dipping!!

Massive fail.  The chocolate, cool as it was, instantly melted the ice cream, which in turn, made the chocolate curdle.  Or something.  But whatever happened, it was bad.

I threw away a lot of chocolate.  And the bars were looking like this:

The ice cream was running out, the chocolate was hard as a rock once you put them back in the freezer (not to mention WAY too thick), and this whole Eskimo Bars thing was quickly turning into a disaster.   This is what they looked like in my trash can:

I was really frustrated.

So I quit for awhile and tried to brainstorm how I could make these DANG ESKIMO BARS.  Then it hit me.

Magic Shell.

For those of you unfamiliar with Magic Shell, it essentially a chocolate syrup that hardens quickly into a “shell” when poured on a cold surface.  It’s main ingredients are chocolate and coconut oil, which is what makes it liquid at room temperature but solid when cold.  And Magic Shell saved the day.  I squirted some in a small dish and started dipping my “piano keys” of brownie and ice cream.  And finally…

Perfect!!  I actually got better at dipping them too, but I was so excited that I forgot to take any more pictures!!  Except for this one, which is missing a bite.

We ate them with hot caramel sauce served in a mini crockpot.  And they just might be the best thing I ever ate!

Thanks to Giada for the suggestion and Jamie for the challenge.  I’ll try not to hold it against either of you.


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  1. Wow,now thats determination. They look yummy! Need to try.

  2. I never used chocolate chips and shortening..I always use candy melting disc but results would be the same. After cutting the bars put them back into the freezer to really harden the ice cream. Then put a rack on a tray/cookie sheet lined with wax paper, foil, etc to catch the chocolate for easy clean up!
    Now only take out few bars at a time place on the rack and spoon the chocolate over with lg spoon or ladle..let set few minutes. Gently lift from rake with lg spatula return back in to the freezer! If you want bottom coated..after they have harden dip lightly into the chocolate and return back to freezer!


  4. so glad I found your web site!!! searched everywhere for the recipe or at least the video of “the best thing i ever ate” “eskimo bars.” I have this weekend off, buying the best ingredients, and giving it a shot. yum!!!

    Oxford, MA

  5. She actually made this on one of her shows but she changed the recipe around more. The top she used whipping cream and chocolate chips.

  6. I would have eaten the trash can prototype! Me and George Costanza.

  7. resep kue bolu pisang

    Eskimo Bars – Best Thing I Ever Ate? | Alice in the Kitchen

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