Very Merry Birthday to me… with a beautiful piece of Alice in Wonderland stained glass!!

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It just makes sense that I would have a little Alice in Wonderland paraphernalia in the kitchen at our house.

First, we have a large statue of Alice on top of the refrigerator.

photo-4Yes, it’s true, she is a little creepy, and her eyes follow you all around the kitchen.

I had a “big” birthday this year, and my husband surprised me with an awesome gift: a custom piece of Alice in Wonderland stained glass from the amazing ladies at Terraza Stained Glass.

photo 2

When we bought the house, there was an antique stained glass window hanging in the window, but the previous owners took it with them when they left.  I had often said that we needed a replacement for the window to help with the glare, but I could have never imagined that he would come up with such a unique and amazing replacement.

Seriously, it is stunning!!

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