Bachelorette “Tush” Cookies

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I had so much fun putting together these butt/tush cookies for my friend’s “last hoo-rah” before her fabulous wedding.

Although I have mentioned the basic recipes for great sugar cookies before in the “Crab Feast” cookies and the “Wedding Cake” cookies, I strongly recommended using the re-cutting method after the cookies come out of the oven – this is the best tip!

For these, I used a heart cookie cutter, and I cut and re-cut the flat portion of the cookie with a sharp knife.

Here are the decoration steps I used.

Outline the panties with thick royal icing, as seen in the pink cookies at the bottom.  Flood with thinned royal icing after the outlines have dried, as on the white cookies.

After all the cookies are flooded and the icing has dried to the touch, decorate as you like.

Decorations up close:

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